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Bloom Cutting Machine

We are offering Bloom Cutting Machine. these machines are manufactured to cut various sizes of blooms and slabs. the capacity of these machines varies from 50mm to 200mm for blooms & 50mm x 200mm to 125mm x 400mm for slabs. six (6) numbers of gears are provided to facilitate operations with small power. the body is made from m.s. (plates) instead of cast iron to cover the risk of any breakage.


Brand Name Bentex Industrials
Place of Origin Mandi Gobindgarh
Body Material M.S. (plates)
Bloom Capacity From 50mm to 200mm
Slabs Capacity 50mm x 200mm to 125mm x 400mm

Additional Information

Product Code Bloom Cutting Machin
Payment Terms T/T, Other
Delivery Time Depends on Quantity & Order